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Wholesale Aluminum Deck Balusters for Your Property

When you have a large project looming, and you want to control costs, consider purchasing wholesale aluminum deck balusters from Union Metalworks. With our vast selection, you are sure to find the options that meet your needs. By taking advantage of our extensive discount programs for various purchasers, such as contractors, you will find our prices very affordable.

In our online store, you can order from our full range of products. It’s a very simple and effective way to receive the supplies you want for your deck quickly. We make convenience and customer service our top priority. Our team will get your metal deck spindles or another product on the way to you as soon as possible.

If you are still in the planning stages of your project and want to consider your options, then take advantage of our samples. If you are in the market for black metal balusters, you can choose them in curved or straight in various styles and try before you buy.

Archer Curved Steel Balusters 5/8”

Archer Curved Balusters 5/8"

Available in BLACK and BRONZE
Base Price Black: $3.19
Ponderosa Straight Steel Balusters 5/8”

Ponderosa Straight Balusters 5/8”

Available in BLACK and BRONZE
List Price Ea: $2.99
Gothic Baluster in white, black and bronze”

Gothic Straight Aluminum Balusters 5/8"

List Price Ea: $2.99

Stainless Steel Screws, #8x1" Square driver

List Price Ea: $24.95/100
Shoe set, 4 pcs

Shoe set, 4 pcs

2 front and 2 back, for top and bottom of one spindle, Black only.
List Price Ea: $1.50
U-Bracket 4-Pack screws with round heads

U-Bracket 4-PACK with screws, Flat head

Base Price Black: $11.87

Check out our Sample Packs!