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$1.50 std. order qty.

Shoe set, 4 pcs, 2 front and 2 back, for top and bottom of one spindle, Black only

Inside shape hooks onto spindle. front piece snaps into the back piece, very easy to install. Rails must be 29 1/4" +/- 1/8" apart vertically with the spindle screwed on as shown in video. Purchase one for every spindle ordered. High strength high UV resistant plastic.

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Archer Curved Steel Balusters 5/8”

Archer Curved Balusters 5/8"

Available in BLACK and BRONZE
Base Price Black: $2.99
Ponderosa Straight Steel Balusters 5/8”

Ponderosa Straight Balusters 5/8”

Available in BLACK and BRONZE
List Price Ea: $2.87
Gothic Baluster in white, black and bronze”

Gothic Straight Aluminum Balusters 5/8"

List Price Ea: $2.72

Stainless Steel Screws, #8x1" Square driver

List Price Ea: $24.95/100
Shoe set, 4 pcs

Shoe set, 4 pcs

2 front and 2 back, for top and bottom of one spindle, Black only.
List Price Ea: $1.50
U-Bracket 4-Pack screws with round heads

U-Bracket 4-PACK with screws, Flat head

Base Price Black: $11.87

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